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Morgan's Reread List

I’m a serial re-reader, which is why I’m so bad at reading new releases. But sometimes, I just like a book and never come back to it unless something gives me reason to. Most of the books here made the list because something in the media drew me back to it - whether that was a play, a movie, or reading an article about an author’s life.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

I just finished this “course” and it was really transformative for me. I’m already ready to dive back in and expand on the tools that it brought into my creative life. The Artist’s Way is a book that takes you through a 12-week course to uncovering your creativity. There are daily and weekly tasks and each week covers a different topic for reflection. It helps you cultivate a deeper relationship with what drives you. It was recommended to me so many times and I finally got around to it. Now I’ve started recommending it to everyone, too.

Buy it here.


To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I feel like people say this is their favorite book because it’s the only book they ever read. I didn’t like it when I was reading it as a school assignment, but wonder if I should give it another chance through a different (read: adult) lens? It’s an award winning and probably most widely-read American novel. The only way you would have escaped reading this was if you didn’t attend school at all. It’s about one child’s experience and observation of a trial taking place in their small Alabama town and the racial tensions that are heightened as a result of it.

But it here.


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I read this years ago, and I remember liking it. Seeing the Baz Luhrmann movie a few years ago piqued my interest in it again. While I liked the film, I just don’t feel familiar with the text anymore so I want to revisit the story of lost love and decadence once more. Gatsby is a wealthy and mysterious man who invites his neighbor into his home and life in an attempt to reconnect with someone from his past.

Buy it here.


White Teeth by Zadie Smith

I loved this book when I read it for the first time years ago. It was actually recently adapted for stage and premiered in Kilburn, where the novel is set. I saw it at the Kiln Theatre and I purposely stayed away from the story beforehand so it would feel fresh. The stage production seemed so different from how I remember the book, so now I need to go back and refresh my memory. The book is about the lives of two families connected through the patriarchs’ friendship. It explores Britain’s relationship with the countries it colonized as the Iqbals and Joneses grow and change throughout the novel.

Buy it here.


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