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Friday Book Debrief Vol 43

Every week we’re sharing what our some of our writers are currently reading.

For all of our US readers, we now have our own Bookshop! You can find the full list of the below books here and with every purchase you will be helping local independent bookstores! If you do not live in the US please support your local independent stores, lots are now doing local deliveries and they need your help more then ever in these uncertain times. - ❤️

Sia Martinez and the Moonlight Beginning of Everything by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland - Mel

I just got to the twist and WHAT JUST HAPPENED?? If you like YA romance and the X-files, this is book is for you.

Buy it here.


Plain Bad Heroines by Emily M Danforth - Courtney

Spooky lesbian mystery with a touch of horror. Need I say more? 

Pre-order - October 20th 2020


Reputation by Sara Shepard - Melissa

I used to be obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars series, and I've been dying to read Reputation by Sara Shepard for the longest time! So far, it's full of twists and turns—and in typical Shepard style, it keeps you guessing but not in a way that's unrealistic or eye roll-inducing.

Buy it here.


The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St Clair - Christina

Did you ever wonder why "violets are blue" even though they're ... violet? Author Kassia St Clair, an art historian with a monthly column on colour in Elle Decoration brings this delightful, easy book on colour trivia, perfect for soothing the double whammy of seasonal and Corona anxiety.

Buy it here.


The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel - Iva

The gloomy, atmospheric, historical novel that swirls around the life and personality of Thomas Cromwell. So minutely and delicately written, a true masterpiece and sadly the ending of a brilliant trilogy. When a novel makes you wonder what is going to happen next, as if you didn't already know, that is the sign of true artistry.

Buy it here.


The Dutch House by Anne Patchett - Aleesha

Okay, maybe I'm a few months late to this soirée, but wow! I devoured this book completely in one night. Anne Patchett's most recent novel is crafted with expertise and written in her signature simple yet captivating prose. I'm a sucker for a good story of familial dysfunction, and this book DE-LIV-ERED! 

Buy it here.


Raceless: In Search of Family, Identity, and The Truth About Amy Family by Georgina Lawton - Maggie

What constitutes our sense of self? Georgina is sure about to tell me and I can’t friggin wait. Just started today and AHHHHHH.

Pre-order. OUT 23 February 2021


Fiebre Tropical by Juli Delgado Lopera - Jessica Maria

Two pages into this and the electric and funny writing is giving me so much life. The use of Spanish and English without pause or explanation—LOVING IT, RELISHING IN IT! The style! I can already tell this will be one I remember...

Buy it here.


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