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Dick the halls…oh wait, no I mean DECK the halls. It is finally December, Sluts. November was a great time to celebrate women but now it’s time to celebrate some male authors.

As I mentioned in November, I thought my reading was lacking the feminine touch, but when I investigated further I found that it was actually a dash of masculinity I was missing. As a reader, I pick books and read things on the basis of emotion. I don’t try and crusade my political, social, philosophical causes through my reading. Albeit, I probably should find it quite exhausting to expel brain power on the exact thing I do to turn my brain off.

So, all things considered in regards to my lack of crusading in my reading, I am a crusader for EQUALITY. So, this month I bring you DICKS IN DECEMBER. A month of men, and a particular selection of books to round out the year. OH SHIT YEAH IT’S THE END OF THE YEAR, fuck. Well Sluts, make your picks good—let’s have 2019 go off with a metaphorical book BANG.

In December I am planning on reading the following:

In the Clearing by J.P. Pomare (RELEASES 31st DECEMBER 2019)

A highly anticipated second novel from New Zealand writer J.P. Pomare. Amy leads her happy and calm life in the Clearing. That is until a new girl arrives who doesn’t fit in and doesn’t want to stay. Freya is doing everything she can to feel like a ‘normal person,’ and at a look you would think she is. That is, until a young girl goes missing and someone from Freya’s past arrives in town. Secrets from the past bubble to the surface as Freya and Amy’s stories intertwine. Set in a rural Aussie town, the underbelly is about to be exposed and lives are going to be upended.


Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

The second installment in Shusterman’s Arc of a Scythe’s series.

DO NOT KEEP READING TO AVOID SPOILERS. Rowan is off the grid and Citra is forging her path as Scythe Anastasia, gleaning

with compassion. Conflict and disharmony amongst the Scythes is growing and when Citra’s life is threatened it becomes clear that a plot against her is in the air. The Thunderhead observes everything, it does not like what is becoming of Scythe-dom. Will it intervene

or will it watch and let this perfect world unravel?

Buy it here.

The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne

The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne

Author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Boyne brings us this heartbreaking yet beautiful novel about Cyril. Cyril’s birth mother was cast out of home because she was pregnant at age sixteen. Cyril is adopted, but his new parents treat him more like a curiosity than a son. Before this can impact him too deeply, he meets Julian Woodbead, who radiates glamour and daring. Cyril must find his place in the world, navigating his emotions and desires in search of the most instinctive human need…happiness.

Buy it here.


I chose these books because, like in November, they will give me a range of experience. Jumping from suspense thriller, to YA fantasy and into emotion stirring literary fiction will be exactly what I want in a reading month. I don’t like to stick to one genre or theme. I like to flip through thousands of pages, exploring extensive accounts of experience. The goal of reading for me is to able to absorb cute quotes, chuckle on the quiet carriage, or feel the burn behind my eyes and the tightening of my throat all in one short period of time.

Eclectic readers unite, my friends, let's see what this month brings as we float to the end of 2019.

What will you be reading for #dicksindecember ?


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