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Jessica Maria
Nov 29, 2018
In Undiscovered Gems
Morris Magellan has a house in the suburbs, nice wife and kids. But Morris is also a chronic alcoholic, heading fast towards self-destruction. Morris is not hoping to meet Ms. Right and acquire the two kids that will straighten everything out. He already has all this and it hasn't kept him off the bottle. Ron Butlin's tale of one man's inner turmoil is haunting, harrowing, yet strangely uplifting; a masterpiece from a neglected Scottish writer. I have to note to this synopsis: it's a small book, nearly a novella, and it's written entirely in second person. YOU are Morris Magellan, and you feel the depths of his depression and depravity. I special-ordered this book after reading praise a few years ago when it had been translated in French. Highly recommend.
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Jessica Maria

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