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meet our global team



Jessica Maria

New York, NY

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The spreadsheet mogul. Devours books in her downtime and resides in New Jersey with her family.


Victoria Storm

New York, NY

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Author assistant in Manhattan. Won't buy a bag that's too small for a book. Will invite you over to talk about how Timothee Chalamet doesn't have a stylist. If you want more, I give you


Maggie B. Chidester

Atlanta, Georgia

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Maggie is a beertending bookworm who is trying to normalize reading in bars. She is a feisty cat mom and thinks ketchup is a food group.


Mariah Coffelt

Fort Worth, TX

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Mariah is a flight attendant who lives out of a suitcase filled with too many books. Though she flies around the world, she always ends up at a bookstore.


Lauren Cosby

Nashville, TN

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Lauren is a world-traveling reader, in love with her friends, family, and fictional characters. 


Karla Mendez

Sarasota, FL

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An artist, avid reader, note taker, and self proclaimed bibliophile.


Who is finally tackling her fears and sharing her writing. She would love to be friends on Instagram. 


Mel Ann Rosenthal

New York, NY

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A formally trained photographer and lifelong reader, Mel spends her days overseeing the office at a digital ad agency. She credits Catapult’s writing program for spitting her out into the world with a final draft of her yet-to-be-published novel and spends her nights scratching away at a collection of essays.


Melissa Weirick

Chicago, IL

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Teachers thought Melissa was behind with reading as a kid, but it turns out she just needed glasses. After she got her vision corrected, she couldn't be stopped.


Marian Perales

Santa Barbara, CA

A former lecturer at a California university in Ethnic Studies, Marian is a longtime editor at a Southern California-based reference publisher. She received her B.A. in history and M.A. in U.S. history, specializing in Chicanx history. When not editing book projects of digital products, you can find her with her nose in a book, which is usually a title in Latinx history, fiction, or culture.”

Jacalin McMinn

Los Angeles, CA

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 I'm 25 year old gal passionate about spreading positivity.


I consume way too many overpriced iced coffees, and most likely writing poetry about love. 


Akilah White

Kingston, Jamaica

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Country woman, poetry acolyte and duppy conqueror, versed in fiction and claat. 

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Angela Morrison


Toronto, Canada

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Angela Morrison is a freelance film and television writer from Toronto, Ontario. She has a Masters degree in film studies and devotes her time to all things melodramatic and campy.


Alexandra Bartley


Norwalk, CT

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Avid reader who loves literary fiction and women writers




London, UK


Book reader, whiskey drinker, risk taker, zero fucker giver.


Christina Branco

London, UK

Christina was born in Canada, raised in Portugal and now lives in London. She has a Masters in Genetics, works as a Data Scientist, and reads voraciously, often while hanging on to a pole on the tube.

Aleesha Koersen Headshot_edited.jpg

Aleesha Koersen

London, UK

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A Canadian transplant living in London, Aleesha is reader of all things (except stage and screenplays which she’d rather just watch) and a staunch defender of the Oxford comma. She’s always on the hunt for a new writer to fan-girl over and will never say no to another cup of coffee. 


Amy Borg

London, UK

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Half-Maltese, Half-Filipina and born in the US, Amy Borg graduated with a creative writing degree from a school that wasn't nearly as cool as Hogwarts (though at times it came close).


 She is an avid reader of fantasy and YA fiction and is currently working on her third novel.


Seonaid Murray

Lisbon, Portugal

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Globetrotter who hates flying!

Loves poetry and history.

Can be found in Lisbon making playlists, drinking coffee and writing about self-care.


Jessica Riches

London, UK

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Jessica is passionate about space travel, red wine and political revolution. You’ll find her lost in a fictional world or a compelling Instagram feed. 


Isabella Badaoui

London, UK & Beirut, Lebanon

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Currently between London and Beirut.


Fluent in English, French, Arabic and Fan Fiction.


Hannah Abban

London, UK

Book genres I love include Mystery, romance, psychological thrillers and poetry. (Something with a bit of everything is a bonus!)


Nicole Burke

Dublin, UK

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A recent graduate of Arts & Humanities and currently studying for a master's of philosophy in Gender and Women's Studies in Ireland's oldest university, Trinity College Dublin.


Alexandra Mendes

Porto, Portugal

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"I devour books with the same excitement as Tom Cruise jumps on the couch. I talk about books like Greta talks about climate change. I want people to read books like the humankind wants a Friend's reunion."

Elegant Young Handsome Man

Iva Mihalic

Zagreb, Croatia

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Writer, editor, translator from Croatia. Always on the lookout for new exciting reads, literary literature, books with a twist. A true literary snob, always searching only for the best.


Cennin Thomas

Wales, UK

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Is a fastidious lover of books and enjoys sharing her passion of reading with ours.


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Courtney Dyer

Sydney, NSW

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An avid reader from WA who always has a book in her bag, BA from WSU and head of our AU events.


Lucy Wadelton

Melbourne, Victoria

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Lucy is a recent Creative Writing graduate from Melbourne, Australia who prides herself on excessive reading, knowing far too many useless facts and her love of the colour yellow. 


Brianna Addamo

Melbourne, Victoria

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An avid, reader, writer, blogger, journaler (or anything creative) who is dedicated to my creative passions as much as I am my 9-5. You'll always her with a book in her bag and a story on her mind.


Michaela O'Keefe

Adelaide, South Australia

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Michaela is a reader based in Adelaide, South Australia. While she daylights as a sleep scientist, she will also happily talk books with anyone who stands still long enough. Michaela's perfect bookish situation invlodes a great read, a large coffee and brunch that preferably includes halloumi. 


Elaine Mead

Hobart, Tasmania

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British born, Tassie living lady with a Dachshund called Einstein. Penchant for short story collections, people watching, and drinking all the coffee. Find more words online at


Nikki Michaels

Auckland, New Zealand

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American-born, New Zealand-based writer, reader, wine nerd, and craft beer enthusiast.

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